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Fleas (order siphonaptera) - All members of order ectoparasitic on warm - blooded vertebrates. Fleas  very important pest of humans and animals due to annoyance of bites, allergic reactions and diseases transmition. Most often the cause of bites is Cat flea. It can bite anywhere on body but most often on lower legs. Fleas breed in large numbers. Larvae hatch from eggs and feed on organic debris and aduld flea droppings. Pupation occurs in watertight silken coccon with attached sand particles and dust providing camouglage. The pupae with fully developed adult flea will not necessary to emerge. It may remain dormant up to 18 mounth. Most people assume that as soon as home and lawn been treated , they will not see any more fleas. Pesticides, IGR, borates will control adult flea, eggs and larvae but have no effect on water-tight  protected pupae. Warm temperature, vibration and carbon dioxite concentration in the air triger adult flea emerging from pupae.

Fleas can transmit infection diaseases.

The State Vector Surveilllance and Control Section constant vigil on Bubonic Plague of flea-rodent and wild animals origin. Human cases of plague are rare but constantly occure.Marine Typhus another diseases that passes by means of fleas occurs locally in certain areas.

The flea infestation may occur without pets in the structures. Occasionally cause of problem is stray animal, wild live, rodent infestation.


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