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The Ants are one of the most fasinating insects.Only humans and ants have domisticated animals. Same species of ants tending, protecting and milking aphids and scale insects for there sugary nutrishional gladular secretion. Ants communicate by touch and chemical secretion. Ant scout having located a food source will laid odor trail back to the colony for other members of colony to follow. When people disturb ant nest they sametimes see workers "nonprodactive females" carrrrying white larvie and pupae to safety. This is not ants eggs. The ants eggs too small to see and they not moved this way. When colony well established and conditions are right the ant colony produce winged fertile males and females wich mistacably can be identefide as termite swarmers.

 Always have the sample of insect  you for proper indefication.

 Argentine ants (Iridomyrmex humilis) - Most common, persistent and troublesame of all  structure infesting ants.They are small,  a sixteenth of an inch, and vary in color from light to dark brown. The species was introduced into New Orleans from Brazil in coffee shipments before 1891. At the onset of weater they readily move the colony into the structures. Argentine ants feed on almoust every  kind of food, but they especially atracted to sweets. Angentine ants will exterminate other species of native ants in invated territory. They foster landscape and garden pests, aphids and scales, and couse plant injuri. Argentine ants invide and travel througth the structure along baseboards, inside of frame wall via electrical wires and pluming, across sinks, kitchen cabinets, tables, over walls and bathrooms in endless trails.

California Harvest Ant (Pogonomyrmex californicus) - Big "red ant" with the bad paintfull sting. The species may be recognized by large head, red color and large size 1/4 in.The nest ulialy build in dry sandy soil with flat crater suraunded by small area with removed vegetation.

Southern Fire Ant (Solenopsis xyloni) - A close relative of Imported Fire Ant can inflict paintfull sting. Southern Fire Ant 1/32 to 1/4 in., yellowish-red on the head and thorax and black on abdomen. When disturbed they raise and vibrate threir abdomen. Obnoxious in many ways they build mounds on lawn, attact and kill young and hatch birds and other animals. These ants are known to damage electrical equipment by invaiting and removing insulation from wires causing electrical shorts.

Pharaoh Ant (Monomorium pharaonis) - Another " guest" from Africa. Sometime mistaken for Argentine Ant. The species normaly establishes its nest in hideways in building. It feeds on every manner of human food, but prefer grease, fat and meat. These ant especially common in food handled establishment - markets, hotels, food procesing plants, restorants. ext.

Vester Pest Control will resolved  you ants problem and protect your property from future invasion.






















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Carpenter ants (Camponotus modoc)

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