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About Us

Vester Pest Control was founded in 2000 by Dr. Armen Abramyan, graduate of AVMA listed college (#388), who immigrated to USA on a war refugee visa from USSR in 1992. With extensive experience and related knowledge of biology, chemistry and environmental safety, Dr. Abramyan had a vision of bringing pest management to the next level, where high-quality service, integrity, and honesty foster an everlasting relationship with the client.

Vester Pest Control's staff strongly believes in 100% customer satisfaction. To achieve that, our company management team pays close attention to the development and direction of the internal environment in the company, including employing only highly trained, credentialed individuals; maintaining a drug-free workplace; staying on top of technical advancements in the industry; advertising truthfully and ethically; maintaining an up-to-date insurance policy; offering a clear and easy to understand warranty and termite service agreement.

As a result, our clients can be certain that they will receive an excellent customer service, and their customized pest control solution will be created using some of the latest technologies and some of the safest treatment techniques. 

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